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Privacy Notice

for Job Applicant

Under the Personal Data Protection Policy of Thai Takasago Group and the Personal Data Protection Act, B.E. 2562 (2019), Thai Takasago Group hereby announced this Privacy Notice which pertains to the collection, use, and disclosure of the Personal Data of Job Applicants as follows,

1. Scopeof Application
This Privacy Notice shall be applied to the Personal Data of an individual who has a relationship with the Company in which are the following person,
    1)     Job Applicant,
    2)     Other people whose Personal Data is collected by the Company, e.g., employee’ family, emergency contact, beneficiary, etc.

2. Definition and Meaning

"Thai Takasago Group"
(or the "Company") means A data controller who has the power and duties to make decisions
    regarding the collection, use, or disclosure of the Personal Data under
    the terms of this policy, which including;
    (1) Thai Takasago Co., Ltd.
    (2) Thai Takasago Holdings Co., Ltd.
“Data Subject” means A natural person whose Personal Data is collected, used, or disclosed
    by the Company under the terms of this Policy Notice.
“Personal Data” means Any information relating to a natural person, which enables the
    , identification of such natural person, whether directly or indirectly, but
    not including the information of a deceased person in particular.
“Sensitive Data” means Any Personal Data pertaining to racial, ethnic origin, political opinion
    , cult, religious or philosophical beliefs, sexual behavior, criminal
    records, health data, disability, trade union information, genetic data,
    biometric data, or of any data which may affect the data subject in the
    same manner, as prescribed by the Personal Data Protection Committee
    under the Personal Data Protection Act , B.E. 2562 (2019).

3. The purposes of the collection, use,or disclosure of the Personal Data
            The Company collects, uses, or discloses the Personal Data for various purposes, but under the frameworks listed below:
    1)     To operate or manage the Company’s business operations according to an employment contract, e.g., for employment contract or for entering into an employment contract, etc.,
    2)     To carry out the achievement of organization management, including employment, human resources management, Job Applicant benefits and welfare, e.g., Job Applicant’s performance assessment, position and job assignment, providing benefits and welfare, etc.,
    3)     To identify, prove, and verify information, e.g., to verify information or documents the Company received from the Job Applicant, etc.,
    4)     For communication and sending a notification to the Data Subject, e.g., informing an interview result, etc.,
    5)     For compliance with applicable laws, notices, ordinances, or proceedings relating to litigation and court order, including the exercise of rights relating to the information of the Data Subject.

4. Sources of Personal Data
            The Company collects or acquires various types of Personal Data from the following sources;
    1)     From the Data Subject directly, e.g., from a job application form, or other documents the Data Subject given to the Company for the purpose of a job application and interview, etc.,
    2)     From the Data Subject accessing the website which is under control of the Company, or by using other applications, or any other services of the Company, e.g., applying for a job through website or application, etc.,
    3)     From other sources other than the Data Subject provided that such sources have the authority, legitimate ground, or received consent from the Data Subject to disclose the information to the Company, e.g., recruiter agency, job search website, etc.

5. Type and category of Personal Datawhichiscollected by the Company
            The Company collects, uses, or discloses the Personal Data to the extent necessary by the nature of a relationship between the Data Subject and the Company, or by each context, or by other considerations that may affect the collection of Personal Data. The type and category listed below are only frameworks for all Personal Data the Company may collect:

Type and Category of Personal Data Example and detail
Information of person in particular The information that identifies the name of the Data Subject or the data from documents issued by the government authorities that identify information of the Data Subject in particular, e.g., title, first name, surname, middle name, nickname, signature, identification number, nationality, driving license number, passport number, house registration, professional license, social security, etc.
Information of person in individualnatureand details The information relating to the Data Subject in individual nature and details, e.g., date of birth, gender, height, weight, age, marital status, military status, photograph, moving image, language, behavior, preference, bankruptcy status, incompetent status, quasi-incompetent status, etc.
Contact Info The contact info of the Data Subject, e.g., home or office phone number, mobile phone number, fax number, email address, address, account name in social networks or online applications (Line ID, MS Teams, etc.), map of a residential place, etc.
Information relating to occupation and education The information relating to employment including work experience and education, e.g., type of employment, occupation, rank, job title, duty, skills, work permit, reference person, tax ID, tenure history, work experience, remuneration and salary, assessment history, benefits and welfares, achievements, educational background, etc.
Information relating to property The information relating to personal property of the Data Subject, e.g., vehicle registration document, or registration document of property in possession of the Data Subject, etc.
Other Information e.g., necessary information relating to the Data Subject’s family members, emergency contact info, etc.
Sensitive Data The Personal Data that is sensitive and affect the Data Subject, e.g., racial, religious, health data, disability, criminal records, trade union information, etc.

6. Legal basis for the collection of Personal Data
            The Company, by virtue of one or more of the following legal basis, shall collect the Personal Data to the extent necessary ineach context:
    1)     For compliance with the laws,
    2)     For legitimate interests,
    3)     For compliance with the contract, or for entering into the contract,
    4)     The Data Subject’s consent.

7.Disclosure of Personal Data
            The Company may disclose the collected Personal Data only for the purposes that the Company informed the Data Subject, or which the Data Subject has given consent, or is permitted by virtue of legitimate ground. The Personal Data may be used by and disclosed to the following persons or organizations;
    1)     The government authorities, e.g., court of competent jurisdiction, Royal Thai Police, Ministry of Labor, Department of Provincial Administration, Revenue Department, etc. including other private organizations that issued documents relating to Personal Data,
             Department, etc. including other private organizations that issued documents relating to Personal Data,
    2)     Contract parties, vendors, or service providers of the Company that carry out activities relating to Personal Data, e.g., hospital, insurance company, software company, HR consulting firm, etc.
             insurance company, software company, e-service service provider, contractor or sub-contractor, the Company’s hirer, etc.
    3)     Another company that is in the same affiliated business, or is in the same group of undertakings, in order to jointly operate the business or group of undertakings., including but not limited to Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd., the company incorporated and existing under the laws of Japan,
    4)     Other person, who the Company was given consent by the Data Subject.

8. Sending or transferring the Personal Data to a foreign country
            In the normal operation course of the Company which uses data storage and internet communication technologies, the Company may, to the extent necessary, use and disclose the Personal Data by sending or transferring the Personal Data to a foreign country, e.g. to vendor, contractor, another company that is in the same affiliated business, or is in the same group of undertakings, in order to jointly operate the business or group of undertakings, and the use and disclosure of the Personal Data by using of email service, office program, cloud storage, server, application, and etc. in which each service provider is mainly operating in a foreign country. Therefore, upon the applicable laws of each country, the destination country or international organization may have inadequate/inconsistent data protection standards compared to the Personal Data Protection Act, B.E. 2562 (2019)

9.Retention period
            The Company shall retain the collected Personal Data for a period that such data is necessary to fulfill the purposes of this Privacy Notice, or a minimum period required by laws. In general, if the Job Applicant has not been changed status to an employee, the data and documents relating to the Job Applicant shall be retained not over 3 months from the date of receiving.
            Notwithstanding, the Company may retain the Personal Data longer than the aforementioned period if the Company reasonably determines that such data and documents are legally important that should be retained not less than each validity period or prescription.

10. Rights of the Data Subject
            The Company shall strictly respect the rights of the Data Subject. The Data Subject the rights under the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act, B.E. 2562 (2019) as follows,
    1)     Right to withdraw a consent given,
    2)     Right to access and obtain copy of the Personal Data,
    3)     Right to request to receive, send, and transfer the Personal Data,
    4)     Right to object the collection, use, and disclosure the Personal Data by the Company,
    5)     Right to request to erasure the Personal Data/Right to be forgotten,
    6)     Right to restrict processing of Personal Data,
    7)     Right to rectification,
    8)     Right to file a complaint to a competent authority.

11. The Personal Data Protection Security Measures
The Company shall provide appropriate security measures which are in accordance with the minimum standard specified by the laws for preventing the loss, unauthorized or unlawful access, use, alteration, modification, or disclosure of the Personal Data, and such security measures shall be regularly reviewed at necessary, or when the technology has changed in order to efficiently maintains the appropriate security and safeguard.

12. Information, address, and contact details of the Company
Thai Takasago Co., Ltd.
Bangna Towers C 16th Fl.,
40/14 Moo 12, Bangna-Trad Rd., K.M. 6.5,
Bangkaew, Bangplee, Samutprakarn 10540
Tel. (+66) 2751 9695 – 9

This Privacy Notice is announced at Thai Takasago Co., Ltd.’s principal office (Bangna Towers C 16th Fl.,40/14 Moo 12, Bangna-Trad Rd., K.M. 6.5, Bangkaew, Bangplee, Samutprakarn 10540), and/or on the website, and/or posted on nearby or within the Company’s office or workplace, or other places that are under control by the Company, the Privacy Notice may be changed, reviewed, or amended from time to time by announcement or by informing to the parties concerned.

Latest Updated on 28th June 2022.