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           A Dry Room® is defined as a type of room with the moisture content of the air controlled to a certain level to ensure quality and yield of products to be manufactured. In general, rooms with -10°C or lower dew point temperature is called “DRY ROOM”

DRY ROOM® is commonly used for

• Consumer electronics (mobile phones, tablets)

• Electric grid storage

• Forklifts

• Medical devices

• Electric bikes, wheel chairs

DRY ROOM® is commonly used for

• Hybrid vehicles / electric vehicles

• UPS for data centersvehicles

• Telecom

• Power tools

• Battery characterization laboratory (R&D)

Dew point

                  The dew point is the temperature the air needs to be cooled to (at constant pressure) in order to achieve a relative humidity (RH) of 100%. At this point the air cannot hold more water in the gas form. If the air were to be cooled even more, water vapor would have to come out of the atmosphere in the liquid form, usually as fog or precipitation.