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CSR Management

             Keep in mind our responsibilities as global citizens and in accordance with our company policy and management principles, we are obliged to implement CSR. Therefore, we shall carry out CSR activities across the entire company to elevate character of the company.

Management FOR

         Product Quality Assurance: to provide best quality product

         Customer Satisfaction: to provide best services and to maintain reliance

         Compliance: to follow Thailand Law and cooperate ethics mission statement

         Talent-nurturing: to develop staff’s performance and skill

         Social Contribution: to pay proper tax by sustainable company profit

Company Policy

         "Contribution to society through personal harmony and creativity."

Management Principles

         To serve society through the development of business activities that focus on the creation of the best product quality.

         To develop technology that serves our customers’ needs and utilizes the creativity of all employees.

         To enhance personal character and harmony between people by nurturing talent and promoting mutual respect.