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October 11, 2019

            28. Thai Takasago Joins Bangkok RHVAC 2019

Thai Takasago Joins Bangkok RHVAC 2019

            Thai Takasago Company Limited joined the 12th – Bangkok Refrigeration, Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning 2019: Bangkok RHVAC 2019 during 25th – 28th September 2019. The exhibition features a ‘ONE STOP SOLUTIONS’ theme which means it offers all categories of products and services in the industries under one roof. For this year the event gathers nearly 400 exhibitors who showcase their products. There are many interesting activities including. Other exciting activities include an industry overview exhibition featuring “Daily Life, Internet of Things and Smart Home” presented through interactive multimedia. The exhibition includes product presentations by leading manufacturers and business matching.

           The Company was once again being part of Bangkok RHVAC 2019, we brought our sustainable and energy saving technology for the exhibition such as; Clean Room Technology, SWIT System including new product imported from Japan; Floor Type Drain-less Spot Air Conditioner, Dry Room Technology, LOMA (IOT for HVAC System) and 3D Scanner to demonstrate in our booth. Accordingly, several visitors had been interested in Thai Takasago booth exceeding than 400 people at BITEC Bangna, Bangkok.

           タイ高砂がBangkok RHVAC2019に参加

           2019年9月25~28日にかけて、バンコクのBITECバンナーで開催された「Bangkok RHVAC2019」に出展しました。「ONE STOP SOLUTIONS(ワンストップソリューション)」をテーマに、冷蔵、暖房、換気、空調設備業界のあらゆる製品やサービスを紹介する今回の展示会には400社以上の企業が出展しました。

           Daily Life, Internet of Things and Smart Home」をコンセプトに最先端のサービス(製品)紹介や、商談も行われました。


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