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April 4, 2019

            24. Thai Takasago Give Back to The Children 2019

Thai Takasago Give Back to The Children 2019

           On Sunday 3rd March 2019, Thai Takasago Co., Ltd. organized a CSR event for the children in need. We will provide the scholarship for the children by holding a small charity run for Thai Takasago employees. The charity run was separated into 2 categories, the first round is 2 km and the second round is 4 km. Our Managing Director agreed that this CSR event will promote Thai Takasago’s employees to commit a charitable act including improving their health as exercise.

           Thai Takasago rewarded for those who ran up to 2 km for 200 baht and 400 baht for those who completed a 4 km run. We make sure that these rewards did not go to waste, we will donate to the outskirt schools where the students there do not receive much chance of learning and limited access to knowledge. Thai Takasago’s employees participated with good hearts and mind for the children.

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