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January 2, 2019

            20. Thai Takasago Annual Safety Meeting 2018 (Yearly Subcontractor 3rd meeting)

Thai Takasago Annual Safety Meeting 2018 (Yearly Subcontractor 3rd meeting)

           On November 29, 2018, Thai Takasago Co., Ltd. held the 3rd annual safety meeting 2018/2018. This meeting was held at Bangna Pride Hotel & Residence with executives, project managers. of Thai Takasago Co., Ltd., including executive representatives of contractor companies who work with us, attended more than 40 companies. There were 150 people attending this meeting. Including accepting problems and suggestions from the company. contractor as well

           The meeting started with a welcome remark from the MD of Thai Takasago, where the MD also explained the Company's management policy and commitment in safety management. The contractor knows as well. In addition, there are main meeting topics. that clarified to the Company The contractor is aware of the following:

            1. Safety management The 10 Commandments of workplace Safety by Hiroshi Araki : General manager (TAS&Safety)

            2. Safety Culture in Thai Takasago’s & Leadership Behaviours Which Reduce Injuries

            3. Importance of the Compliance

            After that, Thai Takasago Co., Ltd. also gave 3 outstanding safety awards of the year to 3 contractor companies as well.

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