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November 22, 2018

            19. SEMINAR : HVAC innovation of the Data Center for Disruptive Change

SEMINAR : HVAC innovation of the Data Center for Disruptive Change
Thai Takasago Co., Ltd. was attended the seminar name
"HVAC innovation of the Data Center for Disruptive Change"
By "Air Conditioning Engineering Association of Thailand"

           This seminar held to educate the technology development of the “HVAC innovation of Data Center for Disruptive Change” At present, IT technology has so rapidly leaped into being an integral part of living, almost as important as 1 in 4 human factors. In the future, technology will be more important, doubly in the smart digital and AI era is upcoming in the “Disruptive Change”

            DATA Center is currently regarded as the most principal element for the AI to take place in the near future. The key driver for the advancement of digital IT, especially in the IOT era, but what lies hidden in the DATA Center that makes DATA Center able to operate efficiently and reliably is the air conditioning itself.

           Air conditioning for DATA CENTER is considered as the Environment Control tool, which is important for our digital world to be stable. The problem of air conditioning in the DATA Center, from the past to the present, is the high energy consumption that conflicts with the direction of energy efficiency campaign to reduce global warming and climate change.

           Air Conditioning Engineering Association of Thailand was organized the seminar is to be useful in the development of air conditioning systems for DATA Center in the future.

           Thai Takako Co., Ltd is a part of this seminar not only attend as a participant but opening an exhibition also, we presented a high performance and energy efficient technologies such as SWIT system, HVAC technology, Clean Room Technology, Dry Room Technology, and other air conditioning, ventilation technologies. We also got a good response from the participants.

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