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October 21, 2018

            18. Thailand Lab International 2018

Thailand Lab International 2018

           TTC Activities Thailand Lab International 2018

           We have expanded our specialist in M&E Contractor field for long time. Exhibiting our business in a new field could be another milestone for us and spread company’s reputation on clean room and dry room in pharmaceutical industry. In this event, there were more than 9,000 visitors and from 60 countries all over the globe. Thailand LAB exhibition is a world class event for pharmaceutical specialists including buyers.

           Clean room and SWIT were most interested by many visitors as SWIT aims to minimize production costs for pharmaceutical factories. For example, SWIT costs less than 40% of energy expense comparing to normal air conditioning system. Moreover, SWIT’s grilling surface is able to dissipate air to the area more effective and efficient. Customers are welcomed to ask more questions about SWIT and how it can deliver beyond your expectation in terms of energy saving. Investing in SWIT could help save your unnecessary costs in so many ways.

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