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May 12, 2018

            14. Thailand Building Energy Code

                  On 27th March 2018, Thai Takasago Co., Ltd. (TTC) was participated in Thailand Building Energy Code Seminar No.1/2018 under topic “Ready for Building Energy Code the Ministerial Regulations of Energy Conservation Building Design” at Swissôtel Le Concorde Bangkok Ratchadapisek. The event held by ACAT (AIR-CONDITIONING ENGINEERING ASSOCIATION OF THAILAND), Mr. Jakapun Pawangkarat the director of Air Conditioning Engineering Association of Thailand gives us an honor for opening the ceremony.

          The purpose of seminar, the Ministry of Energy will be proposed the ministerial regulation draft. To control and monitor types, size of building, standards, rule and procedures for the design of buildings for energy conservation (Building Energy Code: BEC).

                    In 1st year, the new regulations will be imposed to size of buildings starting from 10,000 square meters upwards. In 2rd year, will be applied to size of buildings starting from 5,000 square meters upwards and 3nd year, will be starting from 2,000 square meters upwards.

                   At the event, there was a booth and presentation of air conditioning technology from many companies. For Thai Takasago Co., Ltd. We presented the Swirling Induction Type HVAC (SWIT) a creative innovation from our parent company in Japan, which helps save energy, money and environmentally friendly. Including “DRY ROOM” technology which is suitable for production processes that require special moisture control. Our presentation attracted a lot of attention from participants and we are likely to bring our technology to solve energy-saving problems in the workplace.

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